About the garden should think at the stage of building a house. Well thought-out action will protect the investor from unnecessary costs and save his time among thanks to the rugged land respectively from excavations carried out deliberately and dehydration systems area. Then it is also possible to buy smaller plants, so satisfactory result can be obtained at the time of introduction into the house.

We encourage you to order the project during the winter. We offer discounts on design service, and work related to the establishment of the garden, you can start early in the spring.

In order to meet customer preferences, the first meeting takes place on the plot. Visit by the architect is subject to alteration. After making photographic documentation, preparation of measurements and interviewing we can proceed to create a design concept.

Concept design presents the central idea of the project, ie. Compositional assumptions and dominant plants with landscaping elements. The concept of giving opinions and is subject to modification by the Customer.

After obtaining the approval of the customer, we start to create visualization in the form of a virtual walk, showing the proposed assumption.

Take a look at the sample videos available on our Youtube Channel.

The final stage of the design process is to create a project executive. This project contains drawings in the form of rolls. In addition customer receives a list of products and materials required for the project , as well as proposals for paving, landscaping, lighting.

Price project depends on many factors, primarily on the size and complexity of the terrain. In most cases, it varies from 1 PLN / m2 to 8 PLN / m2. It is not a rule, so please contact us for more information.
The on-line project is carried out at a distance by means of telephone contact and e-mail correspondence . The customer will be asked to send the current situation and altitude maps (or to update its own according to instructions sent ), fill out the questionnaire and send pictures of the area. Due to the greater involvement of the customer in the preparation of the necessary materials, the price of the on-line project is lower than the standard project .
Of course. You can order a visualization of a draft drawn up by an independent company. We invite you to contact us by e-mail for more information.
Definitely. The final design is prepared in such a way that its implementation should not pose any difficulties.
The main ‘building blocks’ of the garden are plants. However, to emphasize their beauty and give the environment character, you should think about properly chosen surface , garden furniture , decorative elements , the type of lighting. Thoughtful solutions not only raise the aesthetic value of the garden, but also make the maintenance of the garden will be much easier.

To meet your needs we advise on the selection of materials and landscaping. We also offer surface designs with its specifications and designs custom elements in the garden.